Getting Ready

Getting Ready

 After 2 years of replying to emails and sifting through classifieds from the LROC – Land Rovers Owners Club, she was found.

TOWY is her name as Suzanne refers to her as The Other Woman. She is a 1995,110 Defender with a Clive Barker 2.8 Diesel TDi motor. TOWY was owned by a Land Rover service center owner in Tzaneen and incredibly well looked after.


As you can see TOWY came standard, which we like. The best kitting up a vehicle is making it the way you like it. The additional extras she did come with was the 44 liter water tank behind the left rear wheel and diesel tank behind the right rear wheel.

First we put on the a Front Runner Roof Rack, with 2 stainless steel tables which slide underneath the roof rack to stow and lock. The smaller of the two sets up as a prep area on the back left side of the vehicle, the larger is a regular camp table. Attached we mounted the ladder on the back left and two gas bottle holders on the right. This became an issue when we could no longer find the correct size gas bottles to fit the holders. The older 3kg bottles do the trick.

Next I had to fly back to work in the Caribbean for 6 weeks so the vehicle was taken to Big Country 4×4 in Randburg for the remainder of the refit.

Work complete in the refit:

  • The back left window was removed and an Aluminum gull wing door with shock was installed. This was then boxed in to create the kitchen area.
  • A wheel arch box was installed over the rear right wheel arch. This area is great for the dry food stores.
  • The drop down ceiling on a hinge to provide extra storage in the normally wasted space works well for lighter goods. We vacuum-bagged (as seen on TV) spare linens, towels, jackets and extra toilet paper to store there above.
  • A drawer system for the wolf pack boxes. The drawer fits four of the high lid boxes and slides for convenience.
  • A 52-liter National Lunar fridge. The rear left seat, which is a single, was removed and the fridge was installed for the lid to be opened and accessed from the back left door. This set up works great as this complements the kitchen area with existing prep table and kitchen box with supplies.
  • Under the rear right seat, we installed a 1000watt inverter. This we use to charge camera and laptop batteries, run an iPod speaker system, blender/smoothie maker, and small hot plate for a quick egg or coffee.
  •  We had an additional 100-liter fuel tank built and installed below the right chassis. It is fed from the overflow when refueling, and accessed by means of a transfer pump. The transfer pump is mounted in the wheel arch and the switch is installed beside the drivers seat. Transferring fuel may take some time, but when the gauge is low, it’s a pleasure to see the needle rising at a flick of a switch.
  • To evenly distribute the weight, an 88-liter water tank made from water grade stainless steel is installed under the left chassis. The fill cap is accessed inside the rear left wheel arch in front of the tire. This is connected to a shower point.. to follow.
  • In the engine bay, a water pump was fitted to retrieve water from the 88-liter water tank below the chassis. Also, a heat exchanger is fitted to the heater box system. If the cabin heat is placed in the hot position, the water drawn from the water tank will be heated when drawn through the heat exchanger, if not, the water delivered will be cold, or tank temperature.
  • The shower point was fitted in a convenient hatch on the right forward fender. The air grill was removed and lockable hatch fitted to conceal the hose fitting and pump switch. The shower hose and head is stored in another location. When a shower is needed, the hose is connected using the gardenia quick connects and the switch is flicked. The temperature is your choice.
  • ARB 2.1 cfm air compressor was installed below the drivers seat.
  • I wanted air tools as apposed to electric and then the need to get a 2kw generator. To run the air tools, we installed a 10-liter compresses air tank below the center consol. The ARB air compressor feeds the air tank then cuts out. The air tank then supplies the air needed to run the air tools and fill tires quicker then waiting for a pump. The quick connect is mounted next to the drivers seat to attach an air hose for reach.
  • For shade, the Ostrich Wing made by Outback was fitted to the right hand side of the Landy. This gives an incredible amount of shade. What makes it worth it is when it is raining, you can leave the rear door open to access the drawer system. Setting up in under a minute is also key.
  • A Big Country 4×4 bulbar was fitted along with a Warn 12 ton winch.
  • We have fitted an Eco roof tent, and one 3 box bag on the forward end of the roof rack for additional storage.
  • On the inside of the vehicle we have 4 ammo boxes on the drawer system and 3 above on the false floor.
  • 4 LED strip lights are installed. 2 on the Ostrich wing, so when we pull it out, we plug the in and we have light. One on the inside of the kitchen box, and lastly above the rear loading area.
  • We went with the Master Craft tool set as it came in a convenient carry box, which slides in between the passenger seat and the fridge behind.
  • The high-lift jack is mounted horizontally on the rear bumper.

On the left, the ostrich wing out and on the roof rack is the Eco tent,and a 3 ammo box roof bag. No boxes in the bag,only loose items such as ground sheets, garden hose, wash bucket, and extra tent.

The ostrich wing can be seen in full force. The kitchen area, with side table and gull wing is in use.


The roof box stores our soft lighter weight goods such as towels, spare linens, jackets not being used, paper towel, kitchen towel etc.

 The draw system with 4 high-top ammo boxes 

Left: The wheel arch box over the rear right wheel holds the dry stores

 Right: The kitchen box which under constant change

Left: The left rear single seat was removed to fit the 52l national lunar fridge

 Right: The 1000 watt inverter with sockets installed under the right rear seat

ARB compressor installed under the drivers seat. A 10 liter expansion tank is installed under the center console to run air tools and inflate the tires faster. 

Big Country bulbar, 12k Warn Winch and Maxe spot lights 

The kitchen set up consisting of the kitchen box, side table which stores under the roof rack, fridge accessed from the rear left door, and fresh water tape.

The shop with 48 hours to go:

Master Craft 100 + piece tool set

Jumper cables

Recovery kit

Flash lights – 4 x small, 2 x large/lantern

12v Vacuum

Ax and Saw

Potjie and Bread Pot


Large Tarp

“Green Grass” for camp comfort

1: Hardware Ammo Box

Air tools – Drill, grinder, saw, ratchet

Drill bits

Coils of wire

Twine, rope, string, bungee cord, tie downs

Electrical wire, lugs, crimps, multi-meter

Duct tape, electrical tape, and double sided tape

Rivet gun and various size rivets

Q20 lube spray, quick bond putty, super glue, contact adhesive

Solder Iron and solder wire

Fuses various

Various sizes of nuts, bolts, screws, washers

2: Kitchen Hard goods Ammo Box

Kenwood blender – 300 watts

Pots, pans, miscellaneous cutlery

3: Kitchen supplies goods Ammo Box

Foil, cling wrap, candles, matches, lighters, Peaceful sleep, Clothes washing power, dish washing liquid, zip lock bags, trash bags

4: Fruits and Veggies Ammo Box

Yes, the fruits and veggies have their own Ammo box

5: Electronics Ammo Box

Electronics goods such as chargers, cables, sat phone, BGAN internet communication capability etc

6: Suz’s clothing Ammo Box


7: Merv’s clothing Ammo Box


Food and dry goods:

All stored in the right rear wheel arch box


2 responses to “Getting Ready

  1. Janine Riley

    August 3, 2011 at 20:25

    We’ve just bought our Landy and are totally inspired by your site – fantastic photo’s and blogs!

    • unmeafrica

      August 9, 2011 at 23:20

      I’m so happy you left a comment! Life on the road with a Landy is not always easy but very rewarding. Please feel free to drop a line if you have any questions. We by know means know it all but learn a little more each day. Do you have any trips planned?


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